Monday, March 24, 2014

The Ten Thousand Things: Dead West - Book 2 - by Tim Marquitz, J.M. Martin and Kenny Soward

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Nina Weaver, part Shoshone Indian, and the other survivors of Those Poor, Poor Bastards, Book 1 in Ragnarok Publication's Dead West series are making their way across the western frontier, by way of locomotive, being chased by a demon train controlled by the evil, and seemingly all-powerful, Liao Xu.

Much like it's predecessor, The Ten Thousand Things, jumps right into the action with an attack on their transportation by thousands of crows as their nemesis gets closer by the minute.  "The nightmare train chugged beneath the uncovered moonlight, rounding a bend and charging between two hills, red furnace glow beneath as though it ran on the fires of Hell itself.  Nina swore the cylindrical body and frame twisted on the tracks, bulging, as if something inside strained against its mechanical confines."

It takes more than half the book for the deaduns to show up, but believe me, it's worth the wait.  Plus, The Ten Thousand Things is much more than zombies in the old west.  It's  a battle of good versus evil on a grand scale.

Although, The Ten Thousand Things is a totally enjoyable tale where we meet new characters and lose a few along the way, there is no resolution.  What does the evil Liao Xu have in store for our weary travelers, will they be able to continue to defend against all the things he throws their way, will Nina Weaver be able to call upon the strength of her ancestors to finally defeat the powerful Liao Xu?  Looks like we will have to wait for book 3, The Devils In Reno, due later this year, in order to get those answers.

The Ten Thousand Things is published by Ragnarok Publications and is available now for the Kindle through

BTW, I strongly recommend reading Book 1 in the Dead West series first.  Those Poor, Poor Bastards is great fun and available now.

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  1. Great review. And yes, I suggest reading book 1 also.