Monday, July 1, 2013

No man's Dominion and Other Post-Apocalyptic Tales - by Glen Krisch

4 of 5 Stars    Review Copy

First.  Another great cover for a Glen Krisch book.  This one is uncredited, but kudos to the designer.

If you are a fan Glen's Brother’s Keeper novella, this collection has two stories that involve Jason and Marcus Grant.  One story, "A Prodigal Apocalypse", is the basis for the Brother’s Keeper novella and the story, "Gleaners", takes place five years after the Arkadium takes down civilization.

The other four stories in this collection all deal with various post-apocalyptic worlds.  "Suddenly Sanctuary" is about an agoraphobe who hasn't left her apartment in months (perhaps keeping her alive when so many others got sick and died).  The obligatory zombie story, "So Close To Home."  "Winterlochen Academy" takes us to the onset of another Ice Age and a monster that comes with it.  And then there is the title story, "No Man's Dominion,"  which according to the story notes was born from the opening line which just came to Glen one day.  "Grandmother's first bloody tear fell that morning."

There is something about Krisch's writing style I find immensely satisfying.  The delivery is fresh and clean; his tales are really well-imagined.

For me some of the stories were much stronger than others.  I particularly liked, "Gleaners" and "A Prodigal Apocalypse" which are parts of a larger work in progress, which I'm really looking forward to.

I loved the story notes the author provided for each tale, using modern technology, in the form of a link after the title allowing the reader to decide whether to look at them before or after reading the story.  Nice.

No Man's Dominion and Other Post-Apocalypic Tales is available now from and if you have an Amazon Prime membership you can get it for FREE as one of your monthly selections for the Kindle Lending Library.


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