Monday, July 8, 2013

Dark Meridian - by Matthew Tait - Great speculative fiction from one of Australia's rising stars

5 of 5 Stars    Review Copy

This is the third piece I've read from Matthew Tait in the last year.  It started in 2012 with The Grief School, then Slander Hall and now Dark Meridian.  All good stories, yet each one a bit better than the last.

Adam Lava is a rock star who's had great success with his band "Solid State", but he's working hard to put that behind him.  Even with all the success, and everything that comes with it, he's considering putting an end to it all, including himself.

Adam and Kane have been inseparable for many years, since before the music career and throughout it all, Kane has been his friend/confidant/manager/personal assistant and so much more.  It was Kane who found Meridian, the perfect place to make his home.  Yet Meridian is a mystery filled with secrets which it is not so quick to give up.

And then there are the beings with the dark, almond shaped eyes.  Who are they?  Where do they come from?  What do they want?  There are many, well-placed, reveals through-out Dark Meridian, each one causing me to pick up my reading pace wanting desperately to know where the story would take me next.

Tait delivers well-defined characters and a complete story in The Meridian, but there are promises of a trilogy in the works, with Olearia in 2014 and The Hope of Kinfold in 2015.

The Meridian is available now as an e-book and paperback.

Highly recommended.

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