Monday, January 14, 2013

The Burning Time - by J. G. Faherty - Good vs. Evil on a grand scale

5 of 5 Stars    Review Copy

I love a good wrap around cover.  And this one does a nice job capturing the Lovecraftian spirit of  the story within.  Design by Denise Daniel and Cover Art from M. Wayne Miller.  Nice work folks.  And exceptional storytelling from J G. Faherty.

There's an unbearable heat wave embracing Hastings Mills in upstate New York.  As if the heat wasn't enough stress on this small town of 15,000 there seems to be a spat of strange suicides, as well.  All young women, all jumping from a bridge into the Allegheny below.

Faherty has filled this tale with a number of memorable characters.  The new preacher in town, Reverend Cyrus Christian.   Billy Ray Capshaw who returns to the town of his youth looking for a quick score.  Harry Showalter, the rather crooked Chief of police.  Young Mitch Anderson and his sister/guardian Danni.  And then there's John Root the stranger in town.  Each one with a pivital role to play as the lives of those who live in Hastings Mills and the future of the town itself hang in the balance.

There's a good deal of action, right from the beginning, as the story pulls you in and continues to intensify right to the chaotic final scenes.

It's no great secret that this story involves the Lovecratian mythos.  Something I've never been a big fan of, but I must say, in the hands of J. G. Faherty, I very much enjoyed every bit of that aspect of the book.

"The time approaches, my friends.  The Old Ones prepare to wake. For eons they have waited, waited for the stars to align themselves in the heavens.  They are those who cannot die, who always have been and always will be.  From beyond space and time they will come, from below the seas they will rise, from beneath the Mountains of Madness they will emerge.  Invulnerable and unstoppable."  And this just scratches the surface.

It's been a while since I've gotten so caught up in a story.  I wanted to scream one minute and cheer the next, but there were other family members in the house, so I did my best to keep myself under control.

This is the first book I've read, by J. G. Faherty and it won't be the last.  Although for adults only, I can strongly recommend The Burning Time.  Look for it, January 18th, from the great folks at Journalstone Publishing.

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