Thursday, November 1, 2012

You In? - by Kealan Patrick Burke - Clever little ghost story

4 of 5 Stars

"The Wickerwood is being renovated, so tonight Peter will watch over the machinery.  And he will soon discover that there is something else in the hotel with him, something that has never died.  And never will."

Peter Haskins is trying to get his act together.  A recovering gambler who takes the job with Abigail Point Securicorp on a 12-6 shift to keep an eye on the place.  Sure he's heard the history of Wickerwood, but he doesn't much believe all the stories.

You in? is a smartly written ghost story of a man already haunted by personal demons.  Completely enjoyable read, with a fun little hook.

You in? is now available in e-book format from a variety of sources.

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