Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Press - by Graham Masterton - A Halloween short

5 of 5 Stars

Cemetery Dance Publications continues their 13 Days of Halloween with a short from Graham Masterton entitled The Press.

Graham Masterton has been writing professionally for more that 35 years and is still busy creating new works.

The Press is very short, but it is also very good. 

Padraic Rossa died at the age of 89.  At one time, he was a writer of some note in Ireland, but he hadn't had anything published in the last 15 years.  That was All Hallows' Eve which talked about how "by the commercialization of Halloween we have dragged the souls of our dead ancestors out of the eternal shadows and hung them up in the common light of the marketplace for every inquisitive passer-by to finger."

It should be noted that 5 reviewers who were critical of Rossa's work all disappeared on the next All Hallows' Eve.

I found The Press to be quite imaginative and completely unlike any of the Halloween stories I've read over the years and I highly recommend it.  Particularly if you enjoy a good pun ;-)

The Press is part of the 13 Days of Halloween from Cemetery Dance and is available from their website, as well as from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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