Sunday, October 21, 2012

Gerassimos Lamotas: A Day In the Life - by Simon Clark - A Halloween short

5 of 5 Stars

Cemetery Dance Publications continues their 13 Days of Halloween with a truly disturbing Halloween tale from Simon Clark called Gerassimos Lamotas: A Day In the Life.

Gerassimos Lamotas: A Day In the Life first appeared in the  British anthology Dark Forces back in 1993.

Gerassimos Lamotas, a middle-aged man for whom life has not turned out the way he dreamed, is offered a million Euros if he would allow his 19 year old daughter, dumb her entire life, to spend the afternoon a stranger's yacht.

What follows is disturbing on a number levels, but I still found myself entertained by Clark's story.

Make sure you read the Introduction where Clark tells the story of his five year-old self swallowing a stone in front of his classmates in the schoolyard.

Plus, there's a bonus story, Live Wire, one of the author's earliest works from 1989.  You really get a lot for your .99 cents here.

Gerassimos Lamotas: A Day In the Life is part of the 13 Days of Halloween from Cemetery Dance and is available from their website, as well as from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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