Sunday, June 24, 2012

joe & me - by David Moody - This Is Horror Pemium Chapbook series

5 of 5 Stars

joe & me is the first in a new, quarterly series of  premium, signed, chapbooks from the UK website This Is Horror.  The website is a great source of info for  fans of both Horror writing and films and I figured I'd take a chance on a charter subscription and I'm glad I did.  Not only do you get the signed chapbook, but they send you a link for the e-Book, as well.

The initial offering is from the UK's David Moody and although the story of science gone wrong is a familiar one, it was still very satisfying.

Joe's dad, Simon, is a stay at home dad, but his "mom's a brilliant scientist.  She's going to save the world."

There's a strong bond between Joe and his dad, but because she's always working on "saving the world", Joe's relationship with his mom, Gillian, is somewhat strained  It's not that she doesn't love him, but when faced with the choice between potentially saving millions of lives and spending more time with her son, for Gillian, the choice is obvious.  When faced with a similar choice, what will his father decide?

joe & me is certainly a good first effort for this project and I have high hopes for the rest of the series.


  1. Yes, indeed, "Joe & Me" is a great read and a very good start to the series (I should know, I'm the senior editor on the line) - but you may also be interested in reviewing the chapbooks put out by my own imprint Spectral Press (, the imprint which inspired TIH to start publishing theirs. It's already garnered a British Fantasy Award nomination - let me know if you're interested in reviewing any of them... Simon Marshall-Jones

  2. Thank you, Simon. Since the September offering for Spectral Press is already sold out, I would love the chance to read and review The Way of the Leaves by David Tallerman when the time comes. Please keep me in mind.

    ~ Frank

  3. I will indeed, good sir.... would you prefer a physical copy or a PDF? Let me know!

  4. Simon,

    The collector in me screams physical, but truth be told, it's easier to read and review from my Kindle, so PDF it is.

    Looking forward to the read.



  5. No worries... perhaps if you like what you see in the PDF you may consider taking out a subscription? Anyway, will send as soon as it's published...