Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Schrodinger's Clock - by John R. Little

5 of 5 Stars

You just don't see many chapbooks anymore and certainly none with the quality and attention to detail as those that appear quarterly from Keith Minnion's White Noise Press.

The latest such gem is a lovely short from John R. Little.  If you know John's work, you might know about his fascination with time.  Schrodinger's Clock  is a love story, of sorts.  "Jeremy was unlike any other person.  He was a genius, and sometimes it seemed like every thinking minutes he was focused on only one thing.  Understanding the nature of time."

When Jeremy and Katherine move in together, everything is fine for the first few years, but when he begins to disappear for increasingly longer periods of time, Katherine wants to know the truth.

To discover the what Jeremy is up to, you'll need to read this one for yourself.

Schrodingers Clock will be available, as a signed  limited edition chapbook, soon from White Noise Press.  For their complete list of chapbooks visit them online at


From the author's bio - John R. Little is an award-winning author of suspense, dark fantasy, and horror.  He currently lives in Ayr, a small town near Kitchener, Canada, and is always at work on his next book. John has published 14 books to date.

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