Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Never Say Die: Stories of The Zombie Apocalypse - by Stevie Kopas - A diverse collection of zombie horror

4 of 5 Stars     Review copy

Never Say Die: Stories of the Zombie Apocalypse is a collection where writer, Stevie Kopas, gets to stretch her wings within the zombie sub-genre and manages to deliver 5 unique perspectives on what such an event may bring.

Jack - Jack Abbot has been searching for his sister for a whole year.  Much has happened in that time.  He's managed to make a new life for himself as part of the New Alliance, a zombie-free zone.  He's even gotten married.  So when Jack finally finds his sister, Maya, you might think that would be the end of the story, but you'd be wrong.  Oh, so wrong.  A dark tale well-told.

Gordon & Elena -
All children, under the age of twelve, have fallen into some kind of inexplicable coma.  What happens net has the 24 hour news outlets speculating. "Terrorism. The Rapture.  Aliens.  Gamma Ray Burst.  Zombies."  Through it all, Gordon & Elena are trying to get on with their divorce.  A wonderfully inventive twist on the zombie scenario.

Patient 63 - Finally a cure for a disease which has left half the world dead, or worse, infected. Well, maybe not.  Proof again that author, Stevie Kopas, really understands the zombie sub-genre.  This was my personal favorite in a diverse collection of zombie lit.

Rosie - The zombie apocalypse from a child's point of view with a great opening paragraph. "I'm always really scared when there's a thunderstorm.  Usually Mommy or Daddy will sing to me until I fall asleep or until the rain stops, but Daddy tried to hurt me, so Mommy killed him."

Trevor - Trevor works in customer service, a thankless job where customers dish out verbal abuse  like it's their God-given right.  When things fall apart as a result of the zombie apocalypse, Trevor sees it as an opportunity to exact revenge on some of the worst offenders.  Working in the same field, I can't say as I blame him.

If you're looking for a quick zombie fix this Summer, Stevie Kopas has just what you're looking for.

Never Say Die: Stories of The Zombie Apocalypse is currently a Kindle exclusive.  If you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited you can read it at no additional charge and if you are an Amazon Prime member you can read it for FREE through the Kindle Owners Lending Library.

Stevie Kopas was born and raised in Perth Amboy, New Jersey. She  is the author of The Breadwinner Trilogy.  The Breadwinner, Haven, and All Good Things all available from Permuted Press and a series I can heartily recommend.

Stevie currently resides in Panama City Beach, Florida and tries to spend as much time as she can soaking up the sun.  She's also the Managing Editor of the website Horror Metal Sounds and a writer for the site. Offline, Stevie is a telecommunications professional.

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