Friday, October 9, 2015

wilted lilies - by Kelli Owen - A lovely little ghost story novella

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Kelli Owen was born and raised in Wisconsin and now resides in Pennsylvania where she's written a number of novellas and a few of my favorite books, including Live Specimens, Six Days, and White Picket Prisons.

Kelli's newest novella, wilted lilies, originally appeared as a four-part story in the quarterly magazine, lamplight and is now available in both paperback and e-book formats.

wilted lilies is a well-told little story about Lily May, a teen-aged girl with a gift.  Her mamma always said she had the shine.  She knew when people were gonna pass.  Later she could hear what they were thinking .  Later still she could speak to the dead. It's this last gift I found to be the most compelling. as wilted lilies evolved into a charming little ghost story.

It's challenging to say much more about this novella without giving it all away.  Let's just say there is a lot to like in this story, with elements of suspense, the paranormal, and the pacing of a good thriller.

Although self contained, I like the way the door was left open for more of Lily May's tale.  As a matter of fact, the author even thanks Lily May in her acknowledgements, "for coming to life, and speaking to me like no other character...don't worry honey, we're not done."

I can easily recommend this new book from Kelli Owen, just as I do all of her work.  If you're not reading her stuff you should get on that right away.

For links to the book in various formats, just go here

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