Monday, September 21, 2015

Eulogies III - ed. by Christopher Jones, Nanci Kalanta & Tony Tremblay - A new volume of fresh horror

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First there was Eulogies: A Horror World Yearbook 2005, then two years ago, HW Press gave us Eulogies II: Tales From the Cellar, and now comes Eulogies III from editors Christopher Jones, Nanci Kalanta & Tony Tremblay.

The effort here is to shy away from the common tropes used in horror.  There are no zombies, no vampires or werewolves, in this new anthology, just a wide variety of stories to make you think and perhaps to haunt your dreams.

The result, for me, was somewhat mixed, although I can't say I totally enjoyed every story, there were enough to make Eulogies III a worthwhile read.

Among my favorites in this collection were David Morrell's, "The Storm." What seems to be a familiar tale takes some unexpected twists and turns resulting in an exciting and satisfying story of a father who tries desperately to save his family from a very strange storm.

"Mr. Mumblety-Peg," from the always entertaining Tim Curran, goes for the jugular when a man who's been known by many names over the years, goes head to head with a mother's love.

Bracken MacLeod contributes a terrific little story about a carnival sideshow that features a psychic surgeon in "Morgenstern's Last Act."  I always love a good sideshow story.

Turning the creep factor all the way up to 11 is Chet Williamson with "She Sits and Smiles," an imaginative and entertaining story set in a nursing home.

There were more I really liked, but that should be more than enough to whet your appetite.  Although, I didn't care for every story, that doesn't mean you won't love them all.  Just like I don't care for brussel sprouts, you may love them.  Really, someone must love them

Also, I would be remiss if I didn't mention the wonderful interior illustrations from Keith Minnion, one for each story.  A very nice touch.

Eulogies III is available now from HW Press in both paperback and e-book formats.


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