Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Bleedovers: A Dystopian Novella - by William Todd Rose - In the same world as Crossfades

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William Todd Rose writes dark, speculative fiction from his home in West Virginia.  You can discover him online at www.williamtoddrose.com.

Bleedovers is a sequel of sorts to Crossfades.  Both novellas feature the same characters in similar situations, but Bleedovers certainly works well as a stand-alone read.

Chuck Grainger has a job that is at the same time both a dream and a nightmare.  His official title is Recon and Enforcement Technician, Level II.  Basically, when he's on assignment, he's supposed to guide souls who've passed on, but for whatever reason can't quite cross The Divide.

After the apparent murder of his Sleeper, a counterpart who works in tandem with Grainger, Marilee Williams, age ten, is brought in to assist in tracking down the NCM responsible.  NCM - Non-Corporal Manifestations - or in layman terms, a ghost.

If you enjoyed Crossfades, Bleedovers is a nice followup.  A solid, enjoyable story and a quick read.

Published by Hydra, an imprint of Random House, Bleedovers is now available as an ebook only.

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