Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Killing Maine - by Mike Bond - Book 2 of 2 in the Pono Hawkins series

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When I decided to read Killing Maine by Mike Bond, I had no idea it was the second book in a series.  To tell you the truth, it would not have made any difference.  This book works perfectly well as a stand-alone novel.

A little bit about the author, Mike Bond.  Aside from being a bestselling author, Mike is an environmental activist, human rights and war correspondent, award-winning poet, and international energy expert.  In writing Killing Maine Mike calls upon all of those skills to deliver a well-told environmental thriller.

The story begins with a killer opening...

"A coyote barked downhill. As I stopped to listen a bullet cracked past my ear and smacked into the maple tree beside me. I dove off the trail skidding down the icy slope toward the cliff. Whack another bullet smashed into a trunk as I tumbled past, couldn't stop sliding, couldn't pull off my snowshoes, the cliff edge coming up fast as a shot whistled past my eyes, another by my neck."

Pono Hawkins, former Special Forces operative, returns to Maine to come to the aid of another former SF agent who is jailed on murder charges.  Pono doesn't particularly like the guy, but as former SF, it's what you do.

Before long, Pono finds himself battling corrupt politicians and villainous industrial wind companies and juggling relationships with three beautiful women.  To make matters worse, he left the warm climate of Hawaii to do all this in February, in Maine, where the temperature is nearly always below zero.

Given his background, Mike Bond, has a very specific point of view, but still manages to tell a compelling story.ripped from today's headlines.  The closer I got the end of the book, the faster my heart was racing.  Although a bit preachy at times Killing Maine was still a terrific read.

Killing Maine is available now in paperback and will also be available as an ebook in the near future. Published by Mandevilla Press.

Not horror, but certainly recommended.

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