Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Consumption - by Heather Herrman - Quite an imaginative horror story

4 of 5 Stars     Review copy

Something terrible happened before the fire that destroyed Cavus, Montana, in 1937.  Now, it's happening again.

There was a lot I liked about Consumption.  For example, the story of how John and Erma met and fell in love was magical; wonderfully crafted, ultimately believable, which made what happened next so heartbreaking.

I also liked the story of Lucy McClarin, told through her journal, the circus, and what happened in 1937.

Then there's the Black Squirrel Festival and finally, the Feeder and its influence over the people in this small Montana town.

For the longest time, it seems something big is about to happen, but it just remains hidden. There are moments of brilliance in Heather Hermann's writing and at times what is happening in Cavus is truly disturbing.  As a reader, you just need to be patient with this story, when it all comes together, it does so with a big bang, and it all works rather well.

Overall, this is quite an imaginative horror story.  I love the words the author has for her mother in the acknowledgments, "Mom, if it helps you can pretend this is just a children's book for adults." That it is.

Consumption is available as an e-book from Hydra, an imprint of Random House.


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