Thursday, May 28, 2015

Blood Red (Blood Trilogy Book 1) - by Jason Bovberg - A different take on the apocalypse

5 of 5 Stars     Review copy

I'm always hesitant to read a book from someone who reaches out to me requesting a review, particularly if I've not read any of the author's previous work.  However, if I say no, then I would miss out on surprises like  Blood Red.

The story features a strong teenager named Rachel who, in the space of an hour, sees her entire world become a red-tinted nightmare.  Most of the people in her world are gone, well not completely gone, they seem to be becoming something else.  No this is not another zombie novel.  What is happening is decidedly different and completely original in the horror genre.

Blood Red is filled with little treats, details that make the story.  Example, with darkness coming there's a need for light.  Instead of conveniently finding a flashlight in her Honda's glove compartment. The writer had Rachel and her friend break into a Target store by the light of a cell phone until it runs out of juice. A well-conceived scene played out to perfection.

Blood Red is incredibly imaginative and reveals its secrets slowly.  Even though its a work of fantastical fiction dealing with impossibilities, I found the story to be believable and totally enjoyable.

Although we get some answers by the end of book 1, its quite evident that there is plenty left to be revealed in the subsequent volumes.

Published by Permuted Press,  Blood Red is available now as an e-book from the usual online retailers.  If you like it, book 2 is also available and book 3 should be published later this year.  I'll be reading both for sure.

Highly recommended.

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