Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Haven (The Breadwinner Trilogy Book 2) - by Stevie Kopas - A well-written second book in this zombie series

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Book two in The Breadwinner Trilogy is an entertaining sequel to The Breadwinner released a month ago, by Permuted Press.

In Haven, the rag-tag group of survivors get off the boat and take up residence in The Emerald City, a resort located in the fictional town of Haven, Florida.

After clearing out the undead and making their new home defensible, they plan a supply run to a Haven shopping center to hopefully provide for their needs for the foreseeable future.

Of course there are the usual run-ins with the recently deceased and writer, Stevie Kopas, finds new ways to deal with the problem...

"She nodded, watching as Andrew took a slow-moving eater out with his golf club.  The hideous thing's jaw went flying off following the upswing.  Samson cracked it over the head with his shotgun, bringing it to its knees.  Putrid, black blood poured from the eater's face where its jaw had just vacated, painting the once-perfect white sand the color of death. Juliette flinched as Andrew brought the golf club down one more time for good measure."

The writing is suitably gory and visceral at times...

"She straddled his body and raised the garden light with both arms.  Zach's eyes shot open and locked with hers once more, but they were not the same eyes she had looked into moments before.  His half-eaten face and neck made her stomach turn but she swallowed her bile.  He growled demonically and his torso squirmed under her as she plunged the metal garden stake straight through the middle of his forehead.  No more sound or movement came from Zach.  No more sound or movement would ever come from Zach."

I liked the story in Haven more than the one in book 1 of The Breadwinner Trilogy.  It had all the elements of your standard zombie fare, but this one was more about the relationships and by the story's end, there's a greater threat to the group from within that there is from without.

Haven is available now from Permuted Press in a variety of ebook formats and in print from  Book 3 in The Breadwinner Trilogy, All Good Things, will be released on May 12th, 2015.

Recommended, especially if your going through zombie withdrawal with The Walking Dead currently being on hiatus.

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