Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Hollowed Land: A Brother's Keeper Novella - by Glen Krisch - The story of Kip Redfield

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Glen released the first novel in his Brother's Keeper series in December of 2014.  Arkadium Rising is a character driven story of survival in a post apocalyptic world brought about by the Anaki.

The Hollowed Land is a novella set in the Brother's Keeper universe and is the story of Kip Redfield and Delaney Innsburg, making their way through the crumbling metropolis formerly known as Chicago.  It's five years after the event known as Election Day, the day that changed the world forever.

Within the main story of The Hollowed Land is the tale of how Kip came to be a part of the Anaki.  In a short time, Krisch develops some memorable characters and the scene in chapter two where Kip is locked in his room and his mother is taking physical abuse from his father over Kip's request to go on an outing with his new friends is particularly powerful.

What happens when Kip finishes telling his story to Delaney is both unexpected and satisfying.

The Hollowed Land can certainly be read as a stand alone piece, but Arkadium Rising is such a good story, you might want to start there.

The Hollowed Land is available now for the Kindle at

Highly recommended and a nice introduction to Glen Krisch if you've not read him before.

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