Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Halloween Children - by Brian James Freeman & Norman Prentiss - Delightfully disturbing

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For more than a decade, publisher Paul Miller has celebrated his favorite holiday with the release of a novel of flat-out horror, usually featuring classic terrors such as monsters and haunted houses rather than psychological suspense or real-life horrors.

This year, it's the story of The Halloween Children, written by Brain James Freeman and Norman Prentiss.

"The Halloween Children are everywhere and they know our fears" - written in black marker on a bench outside the Still brook apartments.

From a survivor..."When did you realize something wasn't right that Halloween night?"  After a long pause.  "When I discovered that so many of my neighbors were dead."

The story is primarily told through the eyes of Harris and Lynn Naylor, parents of Mattie, their son, and daughter, Amber.  A couple with distinctly different parenting styles creating an interesting dichotomy as Harris favorites Mattie, and Lynn, Amber.

Harris works as a handyman at the Stillbrook Apartments where his boss has just decided to cancel the complex's traditional Halloween party.

The Halloween Children is suitably creepy and scary with voices in the walls, a dead body that just disappears, and a story by Amber Naylor, as told to Mother, called, "The Bad Place."

I found this Halloween treat to be delightfully disturbing and along the way there are some wonderfully gruesome surprises.

The Halloween Children is available as a limited edition hardcover, signed by both authors, from Earthling Publications.  With a print run of only 500 copies, you'll want to get your order in soon if you want to read this one for Halloween.

Strongly recommended.

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