Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Be sure to check out StoryBundle’s newly live Supernatural Suspense package

If you follow this blog with any regularity, you know how much I love horror, and how much I also love a bargain.

Today, I stumbled upon a combination of the two that was too good to overlook and I felt was worth passing along to the faithful.

In the words of Brian Hodge...

"It’s not an all-you-can-eat buffet; more like a gigantic bucket of creepy chicken.

I’m part of StoryBundle’s newly live Supernatural Suspense package, along with David Wilson (who curated the thing), Elizabeth Massie, Chet Williamson,Tom Monteleone, Al Sarrantonio, Thomas Sullivan, Aaron Rosenberg, Mike Baron, and Clive Barker. My own title in the roster is NIGHTLIFE, which won the acclaim of no less a deity to me than Robert B. Parker."

If you are at all interested, just follow the link below and enjoy...

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