Sunday, July 20, 2014

Bad Mojo: A Zora Banks Novel - by Shane Berryhill - "Southern-fried, supernatural noir" yeah, that's what we have here

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I don't often mention dedications when I do these reviews, but Shane Berryhill's dedication for Bad Mojo: A Zora Banks Novel is just so fitting for the book that follows, that I felt it was worth a quote. "To the people of Chattanooga, Tennessee. The good. The bad. And everyone In Between."

Imagine my delight when I found myself in a world filled with spooks of all types, vipers (vampires), werecreatures, hoodoo, zombies, and so much more. Plus, a subplot of a political hopeful with a dark secret. This is my kind of story.

Writer, Shane Berryhill, has an in-your-face style of writing that was well-suited for this particular tale. " can understand why the sight of a low-rent count and his bride standing outside my bar has my hackles up. Through the barred, Plexiglas door, it's obvious that the count is a Southern-fried Anne Rice reject--long and pale with the sharp, predatory features. The business end of his sandy mullet is greased to a quill-like perfection. The stringy party-in-the-back dangles unkempt over the up-turned collar of his dark brown duster. And where the hell did he find a lacey ruffle shirt in camo green?"

Ashley Owens (better call him Ash, unless you're family), isn't exactly normal himself. I believe he may be a werewolf, but it's all under control, thanks to some hoodoo from his partner Zora Banks. In Bad Mojo, Ash and Zora and their friends have to do battle a wide variety of spook and even pay a visit to the In Between.

Bad Mojo: A Zora Banks Novel turned out to be a lot of fun. There's plenty of room for a sequel, yet things are left pretty much resolved by book's end. Also, kudos to George C. Cotronis who did the cover art. Very nice indeed.

Look for Bad Mojo: A Zora Banks Novel to be available on Amazon on July 28th, 2014.

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