Sunday, July 27, 2014

Apartment 7C - by David Bernstein - This novella starts off slow, but packs quite a punch

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Apartment 7C is a quick read about 82 year-old Beth Baker whose daughter, Alice, was killed, years ago, by her abusive husband.

When Beth moves into a new apartment and recognizes a similar pattern with her new neighbors, she is moved to take matters into her own hands.

Apartment 7C got off to a somewhat slow start for me and at one point I thought this was just going to be a story about the horrors of spousal abuse.  Granted that subject matter, in itself, is horrifying and it's difficult to comprehend why someone would continue to remain in such a situation.  The author does a nice job of explaining why Carl Baker's wife, Marcey, stays.  She truly is without options.

But, Apartment 7C is about more than spousal abuse.  It's about being haunted by your past and taking steps to provide justice when there's no other way.

Once the decision is made, what follows are a series of gut-wrenching scenes with truly disturbing images and OMG, just when you think it's enough, there's more.

There may be something wrong with me, but when I finished Apartment 7C I felt satisfied.  Justice had been served.

Apartment 7C is available now from Crossroad Press..

Not for the faint of heart, but I can highly recommend this one.

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