Monday, April 21, 2014

No Sympathy For the Wicked - by Joseph Albert King

4 of 5 Stars    Review copy

No Sympathy For the Wicked has been described as "Goodfellas meets Pulp Fiction meets Casino meets Get Shorty" and after reading this one I'd have to agree with that assessment.

Although the cover is a bit misleading (there are no nightmarish demons found between the pages of this book, unless you include the personal demons found inside mobsters, bad cops, good cops and the rest of us).  The events in No Sympathy For the Wicked take place in the real world of Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

Told in three separate, but totally connected stories, the author does an excellent job of building believable characters, imbuing them with personalities and traits consistent with their roles in the story.

People like Bernie, the loser junkie, who with his imaginary fiend/alter-ego Bar None, has made enemies of all the wrong people on both sides of the law.  I loved it when he shows up at his dealer's house and decides to break in, only to discover he's on the wrong street.

Then, there's his mother, Bridgette "Lulu" Bardot, a retired prostitute and the amazing backstory where we learn the identity of Bernie's father.  Believe me, no taboo is off limits for author, James Albert King.

Central to all three tales is Mark Rico, formerly from Atlantic City, who's been granted immunity from Federal prosecution for favors rendered, providing he never returns.  Rico is a ruthless killer and a change in location has not lead to a change of heart.

No Sympathy For the Wicked was the most fun I've had this year reading outside the horror genre.  One I can certainly recommend.  No Sympathy For the Wicked is available now from Visionary Press Collaborative through

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