Thursday, April 24, 2014

Joe Ledger: Special Ops - by Jonathan Maberry

4 of 5 Stars    Review copy

Joe Ledger: Special Ops is a collection of short stories set in the same world as Jonathan Mayberry' s popular series of Joe Ledger novels, currently at six and more on the way.

For the uninitiated, Captain Joe Ledger is a former Baltimore cop and Army Ranger who was recruited by the Department of Military Sciences, a team of special operators charged with combating terrorists in possession of cutting-edge bioweapons.

The eleven stories in this collection cover everything from just before Patient Zero to just before Code Zero the newest Joe Ledger novel.

If you're already a fan of the series, here's a chance to catch some of the shorts you may have missed.  If you're not already reading the Joe Ledger novels you can get a feel for what all the excitement is about, but be forewarned, there are a few spoilers for the main novels.

Jonathan does a nice job of providing a chronology of where each tale falls in the Joe Ledger universe.  In addition, there is a complete listing of all the stories to date showing where they fit into the overall timeline.

Maberry' s characters are alive with dialogue that scream realism.  Wonderful opening lines like, "The world keeps trying to kill me" and fun lines like, "That ship has sailed and it hit an iceberg."

All of the stories are very entertaining.  A must for all Joe Ledger fans, with just the right blend of action and snarky dialogue.

Joe Ledger: Special Ops is available now in a variety of formats from JorrnalStone and


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