Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Steel Breeze - by Douglas Wynne - A fast-paced thriller from Journalstone Books

5 of 5 Stars    Review copy

First, I love the wrap-around cover, from artist Jeff Miller, which does a very nice job of capturing several key elements of Steel Breeze.

Last year, I had the privilege of reading Douglas Wynne's excellent rock 'n' roll horror novel The Devil of Echo Lake (get it and read it, if you haven't already).  So when I saw his new book available as an ARC through, I immediately signed up and was fortunate enough to snag a copy.  Steel Breeze takes the reader in an entirely new direction and is every bit as good.

Desmond Carmichael writes Fantasy novels, the kind with swords and sorcerers.  That's why, when his wife was murdered by a Japanese sword, kept over his desk, Des was a person of interest.  However, police later found the murder weapon in the possession of a local vagrant who confessed to the crime and is currently in prison.

Desmond starts having doubts about the man's guilt when a series of incidents leads him to be concerned for the safety of his three year old son, Lucas.  Now he believes the people responsible for his wife's death are after his son.

What follows is a non-stop, high intensity, thrill ride.  It's a masterfully crafted story that is fast-paced and rich with wonderful prose, a tale that gets under your skin, gets your adrenaline flowing, and just barely lets you come up for air before repeating the process again and again.  And just when you think the worst is's NOT!

Steel Breeze is another wonderful book from the people at Journalstone Publishing who have a keen eye for talent and are skilled at producing a very readable product.  The official release date for Steel Breeze is Friday, July 19th, and it will be available in both paperback and a variety of electronic formats.

Highly recommended.

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