Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Midnight Echo 9 - Myths & Monsters - Horror magazine from the AHWA (Australian Horror Writers Association)

4 of 5 Stars

I've been a fan of the magazine of the AHWA (Astralian Horror Writers Association) since issue 5 and here we are at issue 9 of this great quarterly.

Over the last year or so, I've discovered a number of new writers either directly or indirectly through the pages of Midnight Echo and issue 9 is no exception.

Between the covers of the Myths & Ledgends issue from May of 2013 I found "Black Peter." a haunting story of racism and monsters set in Bari Italy from Martin Livings,  "Ltttle Boy, Little Girl, Lost in the Woods," sort of an old school fairy tale of a couple unable to have children from Mark Patrick Lynch, and "The Fathomed Wreck To See," a fanciful story of a lost man and an enchanting siren.  All great tales from writers I may have never read had it not been for Midnight Echo.

In addition to many new voices for me there were several stories from other writers I already admire.  For example, James A. Moore has a story here about a ghost train called, "Black Train Blues."  How can you go wrong with a ghost train?  There's a fun story about "The Wee Folk" from JG Faherty, and a terrific Joe Ledger short from Jonathan Maberry entitled, "Changeling."  That one has a killer opening line, "The world keeps trying to kill me."

In addition to the stories, Midnight Echo also includes author interviews, poetry and topnotch artwork.  Just look at that cover.

Midnight Echo 9 is available for the Kindle for under 3 bucks or the print format is available from www.midnightechomagazine.com.

Strongly recommended.

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