Monday, May 27, 2013

Desper Hollow - by Elizabeth Massie - Entertaining take on Appalachian zombies

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Moonshine, a big black book from the old country with spells and incantations in a forgotten language, and a desire for immortality.  No way that is going to end well.

Desper Hollow is home to Granny Mustard, "the best moonshiner in the area spanning the town of Beaver Dam up to Black Rock Ridge and clear over to Desper Hollow..."

Elizabeth Massie's new book starts with a bang as Suze Mustard, grand-daughter to the Mustard matriarch, all but burns to the ground the town of Beaver Dam .  Kathy Shaw, the local minister's daughter says it best, "That whole Mustard family is nutty as a bag of pecan cookies."

Desper Hollow is much more than just another zombie story.  Sure, there are zombies, the book is also filled with the most memorable characters; from the Mustard clan, to the locals, to the two Hollywood types who travel to the Appalachians to investigate the possibility of a reality show featuring the zombies Jenkie Mustard is holding captive in her trailer.

I could be wrong, but to me it seems Massie must have had a good deal of fun writing Desper Hollow and that translates to a lot of fun for me, the reader.

There's even some lovely prose mixed in with all the horror.  "The sun is very low now, with twilight beginning to crawl out onto the yard from the woods.  Bats stitch the air with their oily wings, leaves tumble across the weeds, a rabbit, out late, darts beneath a tangled brush.  From the other room, Armistead hears the dead dog trying to bark."

This one is right around the corner from Apex Publications.  With a release date of June 3rd, Desper Hollow will be available in a number of formats.  Elizabeth Massie is a two-time Bram Stoker award-winning author of horror novels and short fiction.  I can strongly recommend you add Desper Hollow to your 2013 reading list.

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