Monday, April 22, 2013

The Fox - by Conrad Williams - Third in a quarterly series of premium, signed, chapbooks from the UK website This Is Horror

5 of 5 Stars

The Fox is the third installment in a new, quarterly series of  premium, signed, chapbooks from the UK website This Is Horror.  The website is a great source of info for fans of both Horror writing and films and I figured I'd take a chance on a charter subscription and I'm glad I did.  I've been more than pleased with each of the first three stories in the series, plus I've been exposed to some authors I've not read before.

The first two chapbooks were Joe & Me by David Moody, Thin Men with Yellow Faces by Gary McMahon and Simon Bestwick.

This time it's Conrad Williams, who's the author of seven novels, four novellas and a slew of short stories, and yet I'd never read any of his work before. 

In The Fox, we find the protagonist and his family on a "staycation."  Too busy for a real getaway, the father, his wife and two young daughters are camping out on a nearby farm where a series of events, involving a fox, lead to a genuinely scary moment.  The moment, in some way related to something the father did in his youth.

I know, that's very vague, but any more and I'd likely give it all away.  The ending was like a punch in the face you don't see coming and made the whole story well worth the read.

There actually may be a few subscriptions left, you can get all the details at the This is Horror website.  Just Google "This Is Horror."

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