Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Aloha from Hell - by Richard Kadrey - Book three in the Sandman Slim series

5 of 5 Stars

When I'm reading a Richard Kadrey novel I'm in another world. A world where anything is posible. 

For the uninitiated, Sandman Slim is a Nephilim.  In his own words, "I'm part angel, half, if you want to get picky about it.  It's great.  A halo and five bucks will get you a cup of coffee in L.A.  Maybe." 

Aloha from Hell, is more of the same non-stop action with a world of characters you're not likely to find anywhere else.  This is the third book in Kadrey's Sandman Slim series and if you've read Sandman Slim and Kill the Dead you have a pretty good idea of what to expect.

The usual suspects are back in Aloha from Hell.  Including Kasabian, described by Slim thusly, 'Like me, he's a monster; only he wasn't born that way.  I made him one when I cut off his head with the black bone knife I brought back from Hell.  The blade didn't let him die.  Now he's a chain-smoking, beer-stealing pain in my ass.  To get specific, Kasabian is a head without a body.  And he won't shut up about it."

In Aloha from Hell, we find Sandman Slim trying to rescue his dead girlfrind, Alice, who was stolen from Heaven and taken to Hell by his arch enemy, Mason Faim.  To do so, he'll have to sneak back into Hell and survive an epic battle involving Angels, Hellions, Kissi and numerous other supernatuaral beings.

Of course being able to suspend your disbelieve is a requirement to enjoy these books, but once you do, this is a wonderful way to escape the everyday.  All of Richard Kadrey's works are available, both in print and for the the Kindle, at 

The previous works in the series, Sandman Slim and Kill the Dead are not required reading, but are definitely recommended for maximum enjoyment.   There is more on the way, too.  The short Devil in the Dollhouse and the novel Devil Said Bang are already available and a new Sandman Slim novel is on the way later this year.  Richard Kadrey is also the author of the wildly imaginative "Butcher Bird: A Novel Of The Dominion" from 2007.  One of all time favorite reads.

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