Friday, July 13, 2012

Dead Heart - by Brandon Ford - A twisted tale of death and love

5 of 5 Stars

There are a lot of free books out there.  Some good and some very, very bad.  This one was great.  I wish I could remember who recommended this one.  It had to come recommended, because I don't go looking for free books any more.  Too much I actually want to read and not enough hours in a week.

Carl is an artist when it comes to bringing the dead to life.  Actually, it's his job to make a corpse look it's best for the family and loved ones when they come for the viewing.  His boss, Xavier would call him an expert restorative artist.  He's even due for a raise, he's that good.

Carl, however has found another way to make a quick buck.  Seems there is a certain element that will pay to be with the dead.

Now, with the death of a Hollywood icon, Carl sees the chance at a huge payday, but when the time comes to collect he gets more than he bargains for.

Dead Heart is a twisted tale of sick desires and everlasting love.  Brandon Ford does a very nice job telling a story of necrophilia without bludgeoning us with all the lurid details and taking us to a place unexpected.

I highly recommend this short story and right now, it's available for free at


  1. Hi Frank,

    I have a similar title to "Dead Heart" that I think you may like. Would you be interested in a review copy of my new book titled “Corpse Prince”?

    If so, please use my contact form, and let me know what format you would like.



  2. This is now being made into a short film! Check out our Facebook page for news, behind the scenes photos, the official poster and a teaser trailer coming soon!