Monday, September 24, 2018

Review: The Toroa - by Erik Hoffstatter

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"The word Toroa refers to the Northern royal albatross, a bird that is sometimes used metaphorically to represent a psychological burden that may or may not weigh heavy on the soul as if it were a curse."

After reading this new work from Erik Hofstatter, I must say he has certainly succeeded in conveying the ideas in that definition into the novel's theme.

Abandoned by her father and abused by her mother, Mahi has grown up fast and when Aryan shows her affection she quickly falls in love, resulting in an unplanned pregnancy.  Her seduction is somewhat violent and may ruffle some feathers.

Each person who comes into Mahi's life is a disaster and little of what happens to her is pleasant.  When she flees to Aukland in search of her long-lost father, she finds answers, but not the ones she hoped for.

It's difficult to say more about Toroa without giving away too many of its secrets.  When those secrets are all revealed, I found myself nodding my head and thinking.  "Yeah, now it all makes sense."

Toroa is one of those novels where every character is flawed.  In the end, even Mahi is irredeemable.  This is not a book which I can easily recommend.  However, if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, go ahead and read it.  You may have a totally different reading experience.

Published by Sinister Grin Press, Toroa is available now in paperback and for the Kindle.  If you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited you can read it at no additional charge.  Also, if you are an Amazon Prime member you can read it for FREE using the Kindle Owners Lending Library.

About the author - Erik Hofstatter is a dark fiction writer and a member of the Horror Writers Association.  Born in the wild lands of the Czech Republic, he roamed Europe before subsequently settling on English shores, studying creative writing at the London School of Journalism.  He now dwells in Kent, where he can be encountered consuming copious amounts of mead and tyrannizing local peasantry.  His work appeared in various magazines and podcasts around the world such as Morpheus Tales, Crystal Lake Publishing, The Literary Hatchet, Sanitarium Magazine, Wicked Library, Tales to Terrify and Manor House Show.   Rare Breeds is out now via Dark Silo Press.

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