Friday, February 3, 2017

The Angel of the Abyss: A Jake Hatcher Novel - by Hank Schwaeble - Demons, psychics, and Hatcher...Oh my

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Angel of the Abyss is book three in the Jake Hatcher series.  If you're thinking about diving into this one.  I do recommend going all in, by reading Damnable and Diabolical first.  Sure you can read any of them as a standalone novel, but they work much better as a series.

Before I get started on the review, I need to tip the proverbial hat to cover artist Dean Samed.  Go ahead and blow it up to full screen.  Check out the detail. I've read more than a hundred books this year and that is the best cover I've seen so far.

If you've never read a Jake Hatcher novel before, the following pretty much sums up his character...

...a man who knew in his heart he was damned for all eternity, who I am certain has always known that, whether it is true or not, and still chooses to do good, to fight for what is right. Not for his salvation, not for his God, but simply to do what a good man must.

The Angel of the Abyss begins with our intrepid hero in a cave looking for answers, what he found was a hoax.  Where this leads is a wild ride involving demons, carnates (physically perfect females, the unusual hybrid offspring of a demon and a human), psychics, a special child, and a plot to throw hell into chaos.  A story packed with explosive action from start to finish.  Pure escapism.

Be sure to check your suspension of disbelief at the door and prepare for a kaleidoscope of images and a story that may seem convoluted at times, but will all come together in the end.  And then get ready for the set up for the next story in the series.  We just need to be patient while Hank Schwaeble puts pen to paper.

Look for Angel of the Abyss: A Jake Hatcher Novel available soon from Cohesion Press.

Hank Schwaeble is a writer and attorney in Houston, Texas. His debut novel, Damnable, won the Bram Stoker Award for Best First Novel. He is also the author of Diabolical, and now The Angel of the Abyss (all three in the Jake Hatcher series).  Hank is also the author of the horror-noir collection American Nocturne and numerous short stories.

Hank is an active member of the Horror Writers Association and the International Thriller Writers Association.

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