Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Did You Forget About Me? - by Andrew Cull - A short story that's long on atmosphere

5 of 5 Stars     Review copy

I recently read and greatly enjoyed an anthology of Christmas themed horror written by members of the Australian Horror Writers Association.  That book was Hell's Bells and one of the stories within was Old Man Christmas, written by filmmaker/writer Andrew Cull.  When Andrew reached out to me with a request to read and review his new short story, Did You Forget About Me? I jumped at the opportunity.

Cam Miller is a struggling actor and at age thirty he has yet to make his mark.  When his long estranged father dies and leaves Cam his childhood home he contacts his sister and makes plans to visit the property.  The trip brings back unpleasant memories and more.

I don't want to get into he nitty-gritty here.  After all, this is just a short story and it's secrets should be discovered by the reader.  I will say I enjoyed the experience and that Cull makes effective use of his filmmaker's eye for detail.

I pulled the curtain aside.  I could feel the cold pressing against the glass outside, wanting in.

Although this is only a short story, Did You Forget About Me? had something that's been missing in a lot of books I've been reading recently and that's "atmosphere." 


Self-Published and currently available only for the Kindle.  If you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited you can read it at no additional charge.  Also, if you are an Amazon Prime member you can read it for FREE using the Kindle Owners Lending Library.

From the author's bio - Andrew Cull is both a writer and director. His first novel, Remains, is set for release in 2017.

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