Sunday, November 6, 2016

Set in the Woods by Lacey Crowe - A somewhat creepy novella

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I had some time between reading novels an decided to take a chance on a horror novella by relative newcomer to the genre, Lacey Crowe.

I was attracted to Set in the Woods by the synopsis sent to me by the author, which I'm not going to share here.  Mainly because, once you've read the synopsis, you've basically read the story.

Sure there was a bit more flesh to it than what was in the outline, but there was no real meat, no muscle.  I learned everything I needed to know about the characters in the synopsis, there was nothing to be gained by reading the actual story.  It was like when you're disappointed with a movie because you've already seen all the best parts in the trailers.

The writing itself was OK and I certainly liked the story idea, but it just didn't work for me.

Set in the Woods is available as an e-book from TWB Publishing.

From the author's bio - Lacey Crowe writes for the lovers of the darker side of fiction, whether psychologically disturbing or drenched in bloody gore.  Her previously published novel is: Apostle, a psychological thriller.  When she's not writing, she's singing soul, blues, and heavy rocks songs with her duo, Bourbon House.  She's a Canadian living and writing in America with her husband Jacob, and two step-kids.

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