Sunday, October 16, 2016

Rare Breeds - by Eric Hofstatter - Horrific with a payoff worth waiting for

5 of 5 Stars     Review copy

This is the third time I've read and reviewed a work by Erik Hofstatter and truthfully, I haven't exactly been effusive in my praise of what I had read to date, but let me tell you.  This time Erik has hit a towering home run.  (OK, I read Rare Breeds during the MLB Playoffs).

Rare Breeds is a novella length book.  A quick read.  One I finished off on a quiet October afternoon.

Aurel, Zora, and Zora's ten-year-old daughter, Livie seem normal enough, but the more we learn about Aurel, the husband and step-father in this family, the more the reader realizes something is not quite right.  First there's Aurel's sleepwalking, but really that just begins to scratch the surface.

Before it's over Rare Breeds will run the gamut from sleepwalking, to infidelity, to incest, and beyond.  Whatever you do, if you pick up this book, do not give up on it.  I've read just over one hundred books this year and Rare Breeds has the best ending of the bunch.  It's worth the wait.

Rare Breeds is available as a paperback from Dark Silo Press and is well worth your time.

From the author's bio - Erik Hofstatter is a schlock horror writer and a member of the Horror Writers Association.  Born in the wild lands of the Czech Republic.  He now dwells in Kent, England.  Some of his other works include include The Pariahs, Amaranthine and Other Stories, Katerina, and Moribund Tales.

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