Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Demon With a Comb-Over - by Stuart R. West - The title may seem a bit silly, but this is a helluva great story

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Demon With a Comb-Over is a novel that combines the world of stand-up comedy with a compelling tale of horror.

Here's the setup..

"Talk about a tough crowd.

"Take Charlie Broadmoor's life.  Please.  Charlie sucks at stand-up comedy. He gets by, though.  Things are okay.  His life is decent.  Until the night he makes fun of a demon's comb-over. Big mistake.  What kind of demon wears a comb-over?  The sensitive kind.  The kind who's not going to let an insult slide.  A demon who's going to take Charlie down.  As in down to Hell.  And he intends on dragging everyone Charlie cares about along for the ride."

On the surface, the premise may seem a bit absurd, but in the hands of Stuart R. West, Demon With a Comb-Over turns out to be a helluva great story.

The demon Charlie Broadmoor makes fun of in his act, turns out to be Kobal, the demon Prince of mockery.  Go ahead and Google it.  I'll wait.  He's a pretty nasty guy.  As a result of his error in judgment, Charlie now has an enemy who wont stop until he destroys his life.

Demon With a Comb-Over  is available in both paperback and e-book formats from Riverdale Avenue Books.

A completely entertaining mix of comedy and horror.  Recommended.

Stuart R. West is a life-long resident of Kansas.  He has ten published novels, both thrillers and horror for both adult and YA audiences.  After twenty-five years in the corporate world, he now writes full time.

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