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Galefire - Kenny Soward - The first in a new Urban Fantasy series from the author of the Gnomesaga books

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Kenny Soward is a relatively new author, one of his first published stories was a short in Manifesto: UF,  an Urban Fantasy anthology edited by Tim Marquitz and Tyson Mauermann, published in September of 2013.

Since that time he's written the Gnomesaga series, my personal favorite, and co-authored two Dead West novels with Marquitz and Joe Martin.  Another highly entertaining series.

Kenny's latest project is Galefire.  This first book in a new series took a while to sink its hooks into me.  On the surface it appears to be about one of the most unlikable characters put to paper, or in this case, to digital text.  Lonnie, please don't call me "Lons", is a street runner for the 8th Street Gang in Cincinnati, a heroin addict who can't even remember the names of the wife and daughter he's left behind.  But the truth is much more complex, the author's synopsis of the story says it better than I could.  "Outcasts from another world find sanctuary on Earth, at least until the friends and monsters from their past find them..."

Galefire is one very twisted story and takes its time unraveling, but it is ultimately satisfying and features a well-written final conflagration.  Plus, there are monsters and fiends and atrocities...oh, my.

Galefire is available now as an e-book from Broken Dog Press.  It is book one in a new series, with book two, Galefire II: Fade Rippers coming in the Spring of 2016.  I'll be looking forward to it.


Kenny Soward grew up in Crescent Park, Kentucky, a small suburb just south of Cincinnati, Ohio, listening to AC/DC, Quiet Riot, and Iron Maiden. In those quiet 1970’s streets, he jumped bikes, played Nerf football, and acquired many a childhood scar.

The transition to author was a natural one for Kenny. His sixth grade teacher encouraged him to start a journal, and he later began jotting down pieces of stories, mostly the outcomes of D&D gaming sessions. At the University of Kentucky, Kenny took creative writing classes under Gurny Norman, former Kentucky Poet Laureate and author of Divine Rights Trip (1971).

By day, Kenny works as a Unix professional, and at night he writes and sips bourbon.

Kenny lives in Independence, Kentucky, with three cats and a gal who thinks she’s a cat.

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