Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Ghost In the Electric Blue Suit - by Graham Joyce - A truly mesmerizing read

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I just read a truly mesmerizing book.  The Ghost In the Electric Blue Suit by Graham Joyce is a book that takes you there.  "There" is the eastern shore of Britain. It's the hottest summer in living memory.  It's the summer of 1976.

Much to the disappointment of his mum and step-dad, David Barwise, takes a summer job at a resort in Skegness.  David is drawn to the locale by a photo of his birth father, taken in Skegness when David was a small child.

In many ways The Ghost In the Electric Blue Suit  reminded me of Dirty Dancing" (without the dancing).  Similar drama, summer romance, at a place families would go for their week long vacation.

Graham Joyce's writing style is comfortable, relaxing, lyrical at times.  As a reader I became immersed in the words to the point that it felt as if David's experiences where my own.

Throughout the story, David sees a man and a little boy, they are there one moment and gone the next.  The man is always in a blue suit that takes on the same phosphorescence as the sea.  Who is the man?  Who is the little boy?  What does it all mean?

The Ghost In the Electric Blue Suit  is the kind of story I may read again some day.  The characters are rich with personality and mostly a pleasure to be around and I wouldn't mind visiting with them from time to time.

The Ghost In the Electric Blue Suit will be available as an ebook, hardcover and Audio CD on August 5th, 2014 from Random House LLC.

Strongly recommended.

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