Friday, March 1, 2013

Fifty Shades of Decay - Edited by Stacey Turner - An anthology of Zombie Erotica

4 of 5 Stars

Fifty Shades of Decay was born of an idea that took form at Killercon in Vegas. The end result is a collection of 51 shorts of zombie erotica. That's right, Zombie Erotica.  With the popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey and our ongoing love affair with zombies, it was only a matter of time before someone did a mashup of the two genres.

With an anthology this ambitious there are bound to be a few stories that don't quite get the job done and there were a few of those, but there were enough stories that succeeded that the end result was a very entertaining read.

Many of the shorts are delightfully disgusting, some managed to gross me out and cause me to become aroused at the same time (for me, they were the ones that really captured the spirit of the anthology), some of the stories were very sweet and others were filled with raw sex and terror.

Here's a great line that captures the spirit of  this project, from "Body Bag", by Shaun Meeks.  "She was moving, moaning, asking to be pleased.  And she was dead."

A couple of things I really enjoyed about Fifty Shades of Decay.

1) 51 different authors.  The vast majority were new to me and I discovered several, that I'm excited about seeing what else they have to offer.

2) 51 different concepts of zombie erotica.  That in itself was pretty amazing.  Hat's off to editor Stacey Turner for presenting such a varied assortment of stories.  The theme was consistent, but the stories all came at the subject matter in unique ways.

Needless to say, Fifty Shades of Decay is strictly adult fair and certainly not for everyone, but if you'd like to spice up your zombie experience then this is just what you're looking for. Available now from Angelic Knight Press.

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