Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ushers of Darkness - by Greg F. Gifune - Disturbing, dark short from a master of the genre

5 of 5

Ushers of Darkness delivers.  This short story accomplishes quite a bit considering its length.  Dark, brooding and filled with panache.  Just another sample of the writing style of Greg F. Gifune, who's earned quite a good reputation over the last several years.

It wasn't very long ago that Michael's wife, Gloria, had a "greater innocence, self concious smiles, blushing cheeks, fingers curling, playing with her then dark blond hair."  She is so different now.  Three weeks ago Michael arrived home from work to find her sitting on the bathroom floor - "that once beautiful dark blond mane - suddenly white."

Enter Boyce, a clairvoyant recommeded to help Michael get an understanding of what has happened to his wife.  What has occured is beyond understanding, but as a reader it's a wonderful experience.

At the moment Ushers of Darkness is free from Amazon.  I picked it up only because of the writer's name and I was not disapointed.  I highly recommend getting it now while it's free and read it ASAP.  It's that good.

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