Sunday, August 5, 2018

Review: glass slipper dreams, shattered - by doungiagam

5 of 5 Stars     Review copy

Not at all what I expected.  The very first story, "I'll make you famous," was like a sucker punch to the face.

Gam, as her friends call her, has a truly unique voice.  This collection of flash fiction or prose poetry, as some have called it, is so good, it's like the reading equivalent of Lays potato chips.  You can't eat (or in this case read) just one.

Here's a single sample of Gam's prose from "one day we will dance again"...

"'We have to go.'  She tugs on me and we run from the wreck, from our broken corpses, and toward the next life."

While not every story hit the mark for me.  Enough of them did to warrant this five-star review.  Among the numerous gems here is a piece simply entitled, "cold."  It's one of the most artistically powerful stories I've ever read.

As I'm reading any work for potential review, I always make notes for myself.  Among the comments I jotted down for glass slipper dreams, shattered was "the author has the heart of a poet which beats strongly even in her prose."  I know it seems as if I'm gushing, but this collection contains all the emotions and I can't help myself.

Do yourself a favor and try something different.  If I hadn't been totally exhausted when I picked this up to read just one story, I would have devoured this in a single sitting.

Wholly recommended.

Published by Apokrupha,  glass slipper dreams, shattered, is available in both paperback and e-book formats.

From the author's bio - Doungjai Gam’s short fiction has appeared in Tough, LampLight, Distant Dying Ember, Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, and Wicked Haunted.  She was a sixteen-time winner in the Necon E-Books Flash Fiction contests and has appeared in the Necon E-Books Best of Flash Fiction Anthology series from 2011 on. she is a member of the New England Horror Writers.  Born in Thailand, she currently resides in Connecticut with author Ed Kurtz and their little black cat Oona. in her downtime, she enjoys road trips, lattes, and playing Pearl Jam on repeat.

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