Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Review: They Feed - by Jason Parent

4 of 5 Stars     Review copy

"Better not to think of it.  Better to just run."

There was much more to the story of Tyler's incarceration for the shooting death of a former High School classmate, but the truth of the matter was he spent six years in Wichita State Penitentiary.

"Prison had not been easy for a fair, slender boy of sixteen, easy prey thrown into a den full of predators.  Yeah, the things he had seen, the things he had done, might have made him tougher.  They'd definitely turned the chip on his shoulder into a whole bag of Doritos."

When Tyler returned to the scene of the crime, all hell breaks loose.  As if it wasn't bad enough he was breaking parole by "borrowing" a car to get to Galveston State Park where he accidentally had shot Stevie Coogan wasn't bad enough, someone had followed him there and they had plans to exact their revenge.  But wait, there's more.

I could get into the diverse group of characters trapped in a shack while creatures make every effort to get at them, but I won't.  Will any of them survive till morning?  To say any more would take too much fun from the reader's experience in this wonderfully original creature thriller.

Jason Parent is one of the best new voices working in horror today and this is one of his finest.

They Feed is available now in both paperback and e-book from Sinister Grin Press.

From the author's bio - In his head, Jason Parent lives in many places, but in the real world, he calls Southeastern Massachusetts his home. The region offers an abundance of settings for his writing and many wonderful places in which to write them. He currently resides with his cuddly corgi, Calypso.  When he’s not working, Jason likes to kayak, catch a movie, travel any place that will let him enter, and play just about any sport (except for the one with that ball tied to the pole thing where you basically just whack the ball until it twists in on knot or takes somebody’s head off). And read and write, of course. He does that too sometimes.

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