Monday, February 27, 2017

Little Heaven - by Nick Cutter - Too long, yet left me wanting more, which makes about as much sense as the book

2 of 5 Stars

Despite hearing great things about Nick Cutter and his epic work, Little Heaven, I found this book to be bloated and largely unfulfilling.  This is not to say Cutter doesn't have any writing skills, there where times when I was thoroughly entertained by his turn of phrase.

The motel was a cesspool.  Appropriately, her room was a dump.  At least the place stayed on theme.  The orange shag carpet was studded with cigarette burns.  An arrogant roach skitttered across the popcorn ceiling like an amulatory scab.

Hired killers, mercenaries, a cult leader made in the image of Jim Jones.  Sounds like good times, but nearly 500 pages and little to show for the effort is not what I'm looking for in a good read.

Little Heaven is published by Gallery Books and is available in hardcover, papaerback, e-book, and audio fomats.

From the author's bio - Craig Davidson is a Canadian author of short stories and novels, who has published work under both his own name and the pen names Patrick Lestewka and Nick Cutter.  Other works under his Nick Cutter pseudonym include The Troop, The Deep, and The Acolyte.  He currently resides in Toronto with his partner, Colleen, and one child.


  1. For some reason the publisher sent me two copies of this book but the way everyone's talking about it, I may just do a couple giveaways or something with them. Your views on it are shared by many.