Monday, August 15, 2016

In Perpetuity - by Tim Lebbon - "Find me the proof of love," the keeper said

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Have you ever had a child go missing?  Even for a moment, it's a terrible feeling.  For me, it was right after Fourth-of-July fireworks on the beach in Ocean City, NJ.  Looked away for a split second and my then eight-year-old grandson was gone. The things that go through your mind.  Very scary. Fortunately, my story had a happy ending, we found him sitting outside of our Motel room some thirty minutes later.

Four-year old Sammy's father wasn't so lucky.  Enter a man known only as The Keeper, he'll gladly return Sammy to his father, on one condition. "Find me proof of love."

What follows is a rather surreal tale of the father's quest to find the very thing that will return his precious child.  He's not alone, along the way he meets other on their own quests, like the man with a sack full of heads, seemingly still alive.

Tim Lebbon manages to pack a novella length story with a wondrous world filled with sundry characters.  There are no wasted words here and the visions which show Sammy at various stages of his life, if his father can complete his mission, are profound.

In Perpetuity is a quick read and I found it to be equal messures of disturbing and enjoyable.

Published by Venture Press, In Perpetuity is currently available only for the Kindle.  If you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited you can read this novella at no additional charge and if you are An Amazon Prime member you can borrow it for FREE through the Kindle Owners Lending Library.

From his bio - Tim Lebbon Tim loves writing, reading, triathlon, real ale, chocolate, good movies, occasional bad movies, and cake. He was born in London in 1969, Tim now lives with his family and their dog, Blu, who is the size of a donkey. In other news, a movie's just been made of Tim's short story Pay the Ghost, starring Nicolas Cage and Sarah Wayne Callies. There are other projects in development, too.

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