Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Sadist's Bible - by Nicole Cushing - Can you really get to know a person online?

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The Sadist's Bible is a new novella from Nicole Cushing.  Nicole is rapidly becoming one of my go-to authors for a solid story.  In the last year, I've enjoyed both her novel, Mr. Suicide, and her collection, The Mirrors.

I love a great opening line and they don't get much better than "Do u really think u ready to die?  I don't want u chickening out." This is part of a conversation which takes place on The Buddy System, an online place to find a suicide partner.

This is the place where Ellie meets Lori and where they plan their "escape."

Nicole Cushing writes about real people, not necessarily people like me, but real people none-the-less.

The Sadist's Bible is extremely sexual.  Ellie has spent nineteen years in a stupid marriage and would like to have a same-sex fling before ending it all.  Lori is willing, but she's also just plain crazy.

At times the story made me uncomfortable, and this is a good thing, writing should have some kind of impact on the reader.

At some point on the way to their liaison , Ellie turns off the highway and ends up deep in the Twilight Zone and the climax (yes, I used that word intentionally) is rather surreal.

Admittedly, The Sadist's Bible  is not for everyone.  Adult themes abound, but still an enjoyable read.

The Sadist's Bible is available as an e-book from 01Publishing.

Nicole Cushing is a Shirley Jackson Award finalist who's written a number of stand-alone novellas and dozens of short stories. Nicole has been referred to as the literary equivalent of the love child between Jack Ketchum and Poppy Z. Bright.  Raised in rural Maryland and now living in southern Indiana, Nicole counts master storyteller Edgar Allen Poe as having had a big influence on her as a writer.

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