Sunday, March 27, 2016

Soul Mates - by John R. Little - A very twisted and demented little tale

4 of 5 Stars     Review copy

Soul Mates begins with a tragic day in Nowhere, Minnesota and a genuine OMG moment.  As a father and a grandfather, I can honestly say there is no worse feeling than being totally unable to do anything in a dire situation which ultimately results in the death of a child.

It's nine years later when we are introduced to twins Alanna and Savanna Clark who run away from home at sixteen to get away from a life where their mother was killed by their father who is in prison for life.

Parallel to this story-line is the tale of Jeremiah Moore whose life long ambition is to be world class magician .  Eventually Alanna and Jeremiah's paths cross in Seattle, Washington.  Along the way there are numerous oddities which don't seem to make a lot of sense, but eventually it all comes together in a most unusual way.  So much so, that I may have to read this book again later, just to see all the clues I missed.

Despite the title, Soul Mates, is not a tale where the characters live "Happily ever after."  As a result, I think the author has given us a much better story.  It is a book you need to be involved in.  It's not a casual read.  I wouldn't recommend reading this one in an area with a lot of distractions.

Soul Mates is one of those tales that looks like it's going to be about one thing and then throws you a curve ball you never see coming.  It's is currently available in both paperback and e-book formats from JournalStone.


John R. Little is an award-winning author of suspense, dark fantasy, and horror.  He currently lives in Ayr, a small town near Kitchener, Canada, and is always at work on his next book.  John has published 14 books to date, including Darknet, which came out about a year ago and takes a frightening look at the dark side of the internet.

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