Monday, August 3, 2015

The Hatch - by Kelli Owen - A stand-alone sequel to Waiting Out Winter

4 of 5 Stars

Kelli Owen was born and raised in Wisconsin and now resides in Pennsylvania where she's written a number of novellas and a few of my favorite books, including Live Specimens, Six Days, and White Picket Prisons.

Her latest effort is a novella called, The Hatch.  It's a stand-alone sequel to Waiting Out Winter, a wonderfully creepy story of killer flies.  In the sequel, a family of survivors is doing their best to find a safe place away from a new infestation of spiders.  They are literally everywhere, but it's unknown whether they are as deadly as the flies, and no one wants to volunteer to find out.

If I have any complaint about this piece, it's the length.  I would have loved this to have gone on for more than its 136 pages.  However, Kelli did manage to put a lot into the story. A handful of wonderfully diverse characters, some that light up a room and one in particular who could single-handedly bring about a total eclipse on a bright, sunny day.

Just having the story feature spiders was enough to ratchet up the creepiness factor above 100%. I despise these eight-legged pests.

Both Waiting Out Winter and The Hatch are available, in paperback and e-book formats, at  Although The Hatch can be read without reading Waiting Out Winter, I really think you'll like them better together.


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