Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The God Beneath My Garden- by Robert Ford - A strong collection of horror shorts

5 of 5 Stars

Although, I've already read a few of the shorts in this new collection by Robert Ford, I jumped at a chance to read the rest of the 15 stories included in The God Beneath My Garden.

What can I say, I like his stuff.  I just wish there was more of it.  I'm not going to comment on every story, but I would like to say they are all good. Some are about loss, many of his characters are disturbed in one way or another, there are are a number of stories with visceral descriptions which should make you cringe, including one that was the most disturbing I've ever read.

Three of my favorites are...

"The Taste of Our Indiscretions," a little story about the price of redemption.  I so hope this is the way it will be.

"Free Ride Angie," about a hooker who would get FREE rides from cabbies (for a price), and much more.  There are many quotable lines in this story, but none of them would get past the Amazon censors.

And then there is "Georgie."  My all-time favorite short by Robert Ford.  To quote my own earlier review of this short story, "The opening paragraph just knocked my socks off.  This is only a short story. but it packs more horror per word than any full length novel I've read this year.  As a father and now grandfather, I was repulsed.  What happens is terrible, yet I couldn't put it down."

The God Beneath My Garden was released in July by Blurred Images publisher and is available in both paperback and ebook formats through

If you love horror, as I do, I strongly recommend you read The God Beneath My Garden.

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