Sunday, May 11, 2014

Queen and Other Stories - by Lincoln Crisler

4 of 5 Stars      Review copy

Queen and Other Stories is an enjoyable collection of fifteen stories of pure speculative fiction, from horror to sci-fi and occasionally blending the genres.  There's even a zombie tale.

First up was "D.T.F."  Quick, what's the acronym?  That's OK, I didn't know either.  I had to look it up in the Urban Dictionary. You're going to have to look it up too, if you don't already know. Good story, nice twist, and one of the best lines in the book from the story's protagonist, Billy.  "The force is strong he thought, one of Evan's sayings.  The new guy at the factory was always quoting the captain of the Enterprise or some such."

The stories that follow have zombies, curses, vampires, cannibalism, super heroes, a ghost bank robber, time travelers, and more.  A truly diverse collection from a fresh voice in speculative fiction.

Lincoln closes the collection with the novella, "Queen," which seamlessly blends science fiction and horror, and will make you think twice before signing up for any medical studies.

If you've not read Lincoln Crisler previously, Queen and Other Stories is the perfect introduction to get a feel for his storytelling skills.  If you have read his work before, you may want to review the Table of Contents, as many of these stories have been published previously.

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