Sunday, February 23, 2014

Corrosion - by Jon Bassoff - An amazing first book

5 of 5 Stars

I've long been a believer in strong opening lines and Jon Bassoff delivers in this, his first published novel.  "I was less than 20 miles from the Mountain when the engine gave out, smoke billowed from the hood, and Red Sovine stopped singing."

Corrosion is full of good writing and features one of the most twisted, demented protagonists I've ever encountered.  I truly believe we are a product of our environment, "And the boy, eight maybe nine years old, cowlick in his hair, grinning goofily, unaware of his future, unaware of the death and despair that would surround him for the rest of his days, unaware of the sickness that would destroy his mother, the corrosion of her body, the corrosion of his father's mind, the corrosion of his own soul."

As I read Corrosion, my mind kept coming back to the new HBO series "True Dectective." It's gritty, it's real, and it pulls no punches.  The writer asks, "Truth? What is truth?"  When is the truth also not the truth?  " My name is Joseph Downs.  I served my country proudly."

I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of Corrosion especially when the author took us back seven years in Part Two and then tied it all together in Part Three and Part Four was just like a big slice of pie with your coffee.

I certainly look forward to more from Jon Bassoff.  Corrosion is available now from Darkfuse Press in both paperback and ebook formats through

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